Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Small Stones

Last night
I lay in the comforts of my bed
Under a roof that no one would call a mansion
a space I share with moths, and shrews, and leaking taps
but whose air is filled with peace, and freedom, and choice
On the little screen of my fancy phone,
I watched
across the world
Cruel hearts stone her slender body
the beautiful blue silk of her covering blowing fiercely in the wind
stirring the vigor of the hundreds gathered around her
Until it is as red and limp as she
The label of her exact transgression I do not know
but I suspect its much more innocent
than the smell of my lovers skin that still lingers on my pillow
This is not like me to watch such things
Choose not to be a spectator of the awfulness of this world
Try instead to be a celebrator of the beauty
Tonight my body and heart feel bruised and lost
How do the little stones of love that I toss to my world
so far from hers
change anything?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Year in Photos

On the cusp of the day I will shift my years
from 34 to 35
I am tired of myself
I say this with no ill will
or harshness
(for I will treasure this book and the tenacity it represents)
Its not the core of me I speak of
just the exploration of the outside of me
the moods of me
the 365 moments of me that I've piled up this year
It is time to set that all aside
and just be.
Dig instead
into life.
Wrap my arms about the world
(and maybe my legs too)
Fall madly in love with everything
in front of me
I know who I am again
amidst the layers of days
that became a year,
I found her
Me who always was.
Silly me for thinking she was ever
Thank you to all who were along for the ride, I couldn't have done it with out you!