Monday, 19 May 2014


This is what falling in love looks like...
in my world anyway!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

He asked me what it felt like
as the snow sank,
wet and muddy at our feet
and the hens ruffled soggy feathers
into the spring storm
Sparkly, I said.
Lots of pretty colours.
And that sweet burst of his laughter
filled the space beneath the trees
But what I really should have said
was that it feels like unfurling
opening layer upon layer
of heat and want and raw trust.
Expanding into a shared vastness of all that ever will be
where even the moon seems touchable
and the earth makes tiny footprints on open petals
and on the edge of that sweet world
arms outstretched and heart flying
The unfurling reverses
pressing and encircling
in gentle and fierce sweeps
that curl forever inward
to a place where there is only us
There is only us

Monday, 5 May 2014

Contrary to what I've thought of myself for quite some time, I don't follow direction well.  I'm not sure if I have been living in denial all this time, or if this is something new about me.  But there, I said it out loud and I'm admitting it to you all!

I was asked to participate in a blog tour.  Kind of a pay it forward, promotion of inspirational blogs where I am to answer some questions about myself and introduce you to a few of my blog peeps.  Feel the love! 

But here's the thing.  Its seems I have to do it my way.  To pay tribute to a few people I am adoring these days (when there is are so so many of you out there, men and women) and let all the good loving energy flow where it may.  No script, and no answers to questions that I don't seem to know the answers too.

Hope you enjoy.  People are so great - don't you think? Miss Patti.  She is the lovely soul who invited me along for the ride and someone who never ceases to take my breath away with her art.  Someday, I'm gonna sit down and have tea with her.  Bucket list item. Miss Adriene.  Teaching me yoga from a million miles away and often making me laugh while she does it.  Finding what feels good! Excellent articles and quotes that have me thinking and pondering and loving.

I read something recently that contained a thought that has stuck in my thoughts lately, and I thought I would leave it with you to also ponder.  Would love to hear what you think..... 

If, when we come into contact with another person, another soul walking this world, we cannot find something that sparks our curiosity or touches us in some way, were we really listening?  

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Does he choose to walk through my door to greet me with his scintillating eyes
and choose to leave
steps heavy and shoulders hung notches lower
(noticeable only to someone who hungrily watches the way he moves)
Or is it just breath
unconscious movements in his chest
easy and deep
tight and smoky
 I whisper into my wave goodbye
pay attention
be astonished
this sweet, rain washed air we breath
makes no judgements on the lungs that briefly hold it