Sunday, 24 April 2016

I am not even inclined
to avian persuasions
and yet I find the deep drum
of the ruffed grouse's mating call
The way you feel it,
first on the soles of your leather wrapped feet
then deep in the walls of your wool wrapped chest,
more than you ever can
audibly hear it
It's no wonder the girls
(those avian ones of course)
find it irresistible
the ultimate masculine
beating of the chest
Who doesn't want to feel
the vibration of life
ringing in their heart?

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hal & Dianne

They have asked me to take photos of their life as it is now,
the story of a life drawing near to it's end,
the story of taking each day as it comes,
the story of laughter,
the story of sorrow.

I struggle with this role I have been asked to play, the questions it calls forth.
Not just this time, but any time I am asked to pick up my camera.
If taking photos is an opportunity to show others how you see the world,
what happens if how you see it,
is not how the people you are photographing are experiencing it?
How does an outsider capture the inner workings of a life so long in the making?
How do I honour a life and a love not my own?

I am struck, so often, by the juxtaposition of life.
The uniqueness of our individual lives and the days that we each hold in our memories,
married to the universal truths of this human existence.
Every house I drive by and every person I meet contain their own story,
It is - simply, complexly, and containing all the clich├ęs this often jaded world will try to throw at us,
the story of love.

I am tied to this particular story in intricate varied ways.
This man delivered my son with gentle hands and a voice that I can still here,
"you are doing great"
at moments that I feel the opposite is true.
He was a cheerleader on the sidelines of my 365 project, his words and affirmations about my photos
helped pull me forward to where I am today.
The love of these two people produced a daughter, who grew to be a woman my brother fell in love with, who has given birth to another daughter who carries forward our family line.
Every person who walks through these doors of this house that they live in,
seems connected in some way to every other one,
and the beautiful web of a community worth treasuring is evident in every moment.

This is the way I see it.
I am here to witness love; unapologetically and enthusiastically.
In as many of its fascinating, dirty, heartbreaking, beautiful and awe inspiring ways that I can.
I am here to capture and honour the uniqueness of this particular story,
and to share with you the vast expanse of the ties that bind us.

To read Hal's side of the story, you have find him here: