Tuesday 18 February 2020

Today, a sweet smooth skinned friend of mine
saw the hair that grows thick and long on my forearms

and had trouble containing her laughter.
Amidst the language barrier that sometimes separates us
Her glee at discovering a new version of reality
Pleased me
And I wasn’t ashamed.

I wanted to show her my armpits.
Which are becoming as thick, curly, and golden as the hair on my head.
But there, I feel shame.

I am so weary of this ignorant culture
That makes no room for normals that
some “they” has determined to be outside of acceptable
And at myself
For buying the lies
And continuing to hide.

Saturday 1 December 2018


I once knew a boy
who sometimes would kiss me
with his eyelashes
Butterfly wings on skin
I preferred this
to his lips

Of course I never told him
Love - attempting
to find pathways
around imperfections