Sunday, 31 July 2016

I can see that it is easy for me
to sit on my brightly coloured chairs
with my morning mug of coffee
and full belly
surrounded by nothing that doesn't resemble peace
and acceptance
and love
There are no bombs here
no angry shouts
no fear in what the next moment will bring
No trucks plowing down crowded streets
or government imposing curfew's on cities
no poisoned waters
or heavy boots treading on sacred sites

I can see that it is easy for me
to use my body - naked or clothed -
in ways that are seen as art
there are no patriarchs to fear here
no brothers who lie waiting for the opportunity to strangle
no fathers or uncles or sons
who view equality as a sin
and murder as honour

I can see that it is easy for me
to send my fair haired boys to school
or to camp
down the street to the corner store
or into the world on their own
and believe them to be safe
(depending of course, on who they decide to love)
We are not the minority here
we get to grow up with assumptions
like all are equal
if you work hard you will succeed
good things come to good people
we get the safety net of believing that life is mostly fair
a privilege
belonging only to the privileged

I can see that it is easy for me
but that doesn't mean my heart is not broken too
that I don't want to rise up against the pervading sadness
stand up
Somehow use the easiness of my life
to relieve the harshness of yours

It is not easy for me to see
how broken
our world can be

I am adding my voice to the protest song